Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Evangelion Movie Revoltechs Figures!

The 4th installment of the 2nd generation Yamaguchi series of Kaiyodo’s Revoltech was released. The 4th installment features, No.032 EVA-01 New Movie ver., No.033 EVA-02 New Movie ver., and Operation Yashima New Movie Ver. Weapon Set all from The New Evangelion Movie.

The new Evangelion movie is a new retake on the Evangelion series and it will be released in 4 separate parts. The first movie is scheduled to be shown on September 1st, 2nd Movie next spring, 3rd and the conclusive 4th movie next summer.

According to Kaiyodo Museum Store, No.032 Eva-01 New Movie ver. is introduced as, “The details of the individual parts are newly designed according to the new settings. The progressive knife can be switched between the normal form and storage form. As a special bonus, the G-type equipment (Positron Rifle Super Long Range Sniper Scope) is included along with its gimmick.”


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