Friday, August 24, 2007

Jesus! Manga Bible for real!

Yes you heard right, that famous book known as the Bible is to be made into a manga series by Tyndale House Publishers. Five volumes in five years is their plan so far which includes the entire New living Translation of the entire text with a 32-page manga section, which will summarize that portion of the narrative. And for the record that is still better than Hunter X Hunter’s release schedule; yea I went there. Authoring this monster is Hidenori Kumai with Kozumi Shinozawa and Atsuko Ogawa as the illustrators. Kevin O’Brien Director of Bibles and Bible Reference at Tyndale House Publishers explains, "We're thrilled to offer the greatest story ever told, about the most controversial man who ever lived and in the most popular graphic novel format ON earth,"

The Manga Bible is planned to start its release in September of this year. I don’t know about you, but I’m holding out for the Manga Qur’an before I take a dive into manga spirituality.

Via Japanator