Friday, August 31, 2007

KIRAI TV first Episode Exclusive Mandarake Nakano Shop

Translated to english:

Today Kirai Tv is Born, with this first episode is a little crappy, but is the first time I do this. the video is about some scenes from the biggest anime and manga shop over the world, Mandarake Nakano. There is another Mandarake shop in Shibuya but is more small. if you want to go to Mandarake Nakano, just go to Shinjuku and with the train line Chuo is the third station. Go to the exit in Nakano and Mandarake is at the end of the street. the shop haves 5 floors, Get the elevator!

is forbbiden to tape inside the shop, but I had some help from Canal + and I was able to do it.

Via kirainet

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