Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If you dont have a Japanese Cell, Boo-Hoo For You!

We all know that Japan is far more advanced than Usa in Cell phones, so this is a video that shows to us how far we are, and they forgot to mention than most Japanese phones comes with GPS, Iphone is crap compared to a common Japanese Cell

WEIRDEST PICTURE IN JAPAN!!! I found it outside the Apple store in Tokyo

On a recent business trip to Tokyo, I happened to stop by the Apple store. There was this guy selling magazines or something right outside the store...I happened to take a photo.

Retro: Robocop sells Nintendo Power Glove Japanese commercial

We all know the Robocop games from Famicon(a.k.a. nintendo), they where the worst ones made from data east, anyway anyone wanted to play them because is robocop!, so what happens when you sell one of the best nintendo accesories using robocop?

FC Power Glove Japanese TV CM (1990)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Incredibly Accurate Japanese Baseball Hit

A Japanese baseball player hits a baseball that bounces off the ground, rolls the length of a rope and hits a bell.

Incredible Accuracy - Awesome video clips here

Lucky Star Otakus freaks out Saitama Lucky☆Star - 鷲宮神社への聖地巡礼 -

Lucky Star is right now in Japan one of the most viewed anime shows, and this caused some troubles in Saitama the City where supposedly the location of Lucky Star world is,
so now Saitama is infested by crazy otakus, who take pictures of the sites that are in the anime and also they go to the temple shrine and write stuff like "Kagamin is my Wife", to make the story worse, Newtype published a Tour Guide of Saitama for otakus to visit the places, people from Saitama are very scared because as you know people fear otakus because they are weird.

Lucky Star Mad Video / 【白石】みのるは大変なドリルを強制していきました

Words cant explain the content of this video :

Japan LOL at Amerikan cheap Samurai Swords

This video is one of the top 10 on Youtube Japan, it seems that Japanese finds funny to see some guy selling a fake samurai sword and when he is trying to show how "strong" is the sword, it breaks apart and hit the guy in the chest, and then he had to go to a hospital, so the lesson here is better buy a real Japanese sword, because cheaper are more dangerous, also if you dont know how to handle a sword, dont play with fire.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Awesome Robots, shooter and goalkeeper

Check this new robots, who can stop shoots like a real human and the robot shoots the ball too, there is not much time till robots will be able to beat a human.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Akira Toriyama Dragon ball Creator in a TV interview

Akira Toriyama is the Mangaka who created Dragon Ball, but is very hard to find photos or videos with him, this video shows Akira Toriyama in his first TV appearance
right now is the most viewed video in youtube Japan, in that show he was not made Dragon Ball, in the show they talk about how hard is to get money and survive as Mangaka(he is now one of the richest mangakas), his wedding, then they talk about DR Slump, and then how big is Tokyo, because he lives in Nagoya an agriculture place.

Via Kirai Net

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i-SOBOT, TOMY's super tiny robot! VIDEO Inside!

The World´s Smallest Robot that broke a guiness record, thanks to Tomy and Sanyo, it comes with 17 servo motors that can be programmed and it also can recognize up to 10 voice commands it cost about 30,000 yens

via Akihabara News

Monday, July 23, 2007

Anime Expo 2007 video, FLCL Cosplay Haruhi and Photos

This is a High Quality Video of Anime Expo 2007

Anime Expo 07 - Suzuhiko

[J!-ENT] A message from Momoi Halko to her American fans

Greetings everyone,

After Anime Expo 2007, there have been several Momoi Halko fans wondering if whether or not Momoi Halko would want to come back to the US. Because of J!-ENT’s previous article coverage with Momoi Halko, I requested from her management for an official statement from Momoi-san to help squash any rumors and also to discuss her experience at Anime Expo 2007.

The following is written by Momoi Halko, translated in English by J!-ENT (Japan) Hiroshi Tagawa.

Photo courtesy of Avex Entertainment, Inc.

" To my American fans,

Hi, this is Momoi Halko.

About 2 weeks have passed since I got back to Japan. I have talked about ANIME EXPO 2007 in the United States to my Japanese fans on my radio program.

The American fans are wonderful and I was moved very much. I appreciate that they accepted my feelings that are from my songs.

The fans were very excited as they held their glow sticks in their hands and I was very happy.

On my last day for my live performance, all staff of Anime Expo 2007 worked very hard and did a good job to make my live performance successful.

From the first day, there were was a bit of trouble and I wrote them on my personal blog on my website, but the staff of Anime Expo 2007 understood my feelings, my thoughts and me.

Now I appreciate that I could do a wonderful live performance with their great cooperation.

I feel that Anime Expo is a very important place where American fans, Japanese fans and anime producers can hold hands and be closer with one another.

I hope that American fans, Japanese fans and all of us could be closer and have a friendly relationship with each other.

I am very happy that many people from other countries came to my live performance this time. I would like to have an exciting live performance for you again!

Thank you!


Momoi Halko "

Via J!-ENT News

Beetle Sumo Tournament Held In Kagoshima

Kabuto Mushi is the name of the beetle used for fights, This is the most close to a Pokemon tournament, where about 1000 elementary school kids train and battle their beetles, this tournament is made every year in Kagoshima

Via Japan Probe

77 Famous Japanese Faces The Before and After / 時の流れシリーズ77人~スライドコレクション~

This video shows Famous people like the S.K.I.N. Band when they where more young and the actual photo, Gack, Yoshiki, Hyde, etc and lots of Idols.

Via Japan Probe

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Transformers Cosplay they really transform

To make Cosplay is somethin very hard to do but if you also add that it haves to transform then is double work.

Dancing Dart Vader Invade Japan

Dart Vader and a stormtrooper invaded Japan in the Harajuku District, Dart Vader is using his Sith powers to make everyone to dance, seems that the force is very useful to get partner in parties

Dance Vader

Dance Vader Behind the scenes

Via Dannychoo

Friday, July 20, 2007

Summer Swimsuits In Japan

Its summer and is hot, so the best thing to do is to make some cute models to use swim suits dont you think?

Plus we added this exotic bathsuit

Via Japan Probe

You can get a Heart attack if you end in a female bathroom

Check the heart rate monitor that the guy haves, he almost get a heart attack the funny thing is that the guy instead of run out from the room he just get there with a big smile :D

Via tv in japan

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Burger King back to Japan!

There are lots of Mac Donals in Japan, but no Burger King in 2001 all burger kings had to close their restaurants, but 6 years later now is opening one in Shinjuku, almost 700 people where waiting the first day and all the week people had to wait 2 hours to buy there, they plan to open 50 more restaurants in all Japan

Via http://flapyinjapan.blogspot.com/

steamed meat bun made up of corrugated cardboard

Just imagine to be able to make food from recycled cardboards, it could save the world needs for food? well see for yourself how to make Steamed meat from corrugated cardboard.

Beijing police have detained a television reporter for fabricating an investigative story about steamed buns stuffed with cardboard at a time when China’s food safety is under intense international scrutiny.

via Japan Probe

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Halko Momoi Gura Gura 1997 and 2007

This is an early early Momoi music video from when she was still known as idol Virtualianco (Dennou Shoujo Bacharianko).

Gura Gura 1997

And the same video but 10 years later

Gura Gura 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Slippery Unicycling another crazy Japanese tv show

Sometimes I don't know why they make this kind of contests is obvious that is impossible to win they should first test the contests to check that is possible to get to the goal.

Slippery Unicycling

Via Japan Probe

big earthquake in Niigata and Nagano in Japan 2007 July 16

Japan just had a big earthquake in Niigata and Nagano in July 16, 6.6 Richter magnitude

Hard Gay Toy / Hardo Gei KUROHIGE from Tomy

Hardo Gay is very popular in Japan, and now it haves a toy

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Smartest Bird in the World !

This crow is very smart, as we know there are a few animals who uses tools, Humans, monkeys, dolphins and birds, these type of birds use rocks to break eggs and other tools, but this bird using a hook to get food is awesome

Real Transformer exists !

So, you think the movie ruled and now you want to make your own tranformer? too late! Japan is already ahead of you, this is a real tranformer and seems to be an autobot.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Japanese fans go nuts ニコニコと連動うp

This video cross the limits for to be a fan and to be nuts, we dont know if is a guy or a girl but almost always is a guy, be careful this video can make your mind and soul die, or maybe you want to do the same.

Savage Genius at Anime Expo 2007

They had an almost private concert, Savage Genius songs:

El Cazador de la Bruja (TV) : Theme Song Performance (OP)
Elemental Gelade (TV) : Theme Song Performance (OP 1)
Simoun (TV) : Theme Song Performance (ED)
Uta∽Kata (TV) : Theme Song Performance (OP/ED)
Gundam True Odyssey
Jigoku Shōjo

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will It Blend? kill the iPhone

I really hate Iphone and all the crap that steve jobs do, the stupid iphone is just a cellular with a pocket pc, but and they have years on the market but just because is from apple now ppl wants one, also is very expensive, is really great to see an iphone destroyed by a blender

read more | digg story

Anime Expo AX 2007 best Haruhi Dancers

So we had the Haruhi Dance Fever here in Anime-expo 2007, and we saw people dancing at random places.

The Asos Brigade

Haruhi Dance (HS Gathering)

best way to dont get bored at lines

Minna No Nur Puppy, winners of Haruhi dance contest

The BBQ Brigade (Grand Prize Winners)

New Super Mario Galaxy Video for wii

it looks cool, mario jumping at little planets whats next??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter / Daniel Radcliffe in Japan

The dream of all us Otakus is to be in a Japanese School for girls, where all the girls dream to be with you, well Daniel Radcliffe can brag about this, just check how the girls are dying to be with Harry Potter, this guy is really lucky, you cant deny that you envy this guy.

Harry potter in Japan 01

Harry potter in Japan 02

Harry potter in Japan 03

Harry Potter in Japan 04

Otaku Girls have dreams too

We all know the Maid cafes from Japan, that most otakus here would love to visit, but what about Otaku girls? is there a Maid Cafe counterpart for Otaku girls?, if you had seen the anime called "Host Club" you would know the answer, if not just check this video to see what otaku girls like to do.

First seconds of the Rebuild of Evangelion

The new Evangelion movies are in production, and here are some seconds of the anime,
it will start this 01 of September 2007,I really hope that gainax wont disappoint us

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Here is a forbidden video that our spies got from AX 2007, as you might now, they don't allow to do video recordings but someone was able to get it, we are not responsible from this video, we are just linking it, enjoy!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Otaku manifestation the first one in History, アキハバラ解放デモ

When most news and blogs where talking about Anime-expo, which we covered too and you will see soon exclusive videos and even forbidden ones, thanks to our spies, This weekend we had in Akihabara an Otaku Manifestation, it seems that more than one thousand otakus gathered to change and ban the freak stigma they have, and it was more focused to fight the communication media, because they always show them as idiots or freaks, and they want to get back the old otaku spirit from akihabara because now there are big malls like Yodobashi Camera.



Via Kirai.net