Monday, July 23, 2007

[J!-ENT] A message from Momoi Halko to her American fans

Greetings everyone,

After Anime Expo 2007, there have been several Momoi Halko fans wondering if whether or not Momoi Halko would want to come back to the US. Because of J!-ENT’s previous article coverage with Momoi Halko, I requested from her management for an official statement from Momoi-san to help squash any rumors and also to discuss her experience at Anime Expo 2007.

The following is written by Momoi Halko, translated in English by J!-ENT (Japan) Hiroshi Tagawa.

Photo courtesy of Avex Entertainment, Inc.

" To my American fans,

Hi, this is Momoi Halko.

About 2 weeks have passed since I got back to Japan. I have talked about ANIME EXPO 2007 in the United States to my Japanese fans on my radio program.

The American fans are wonderful and I was moved very much. I appreciate that they accepted my feelings that are from my songs.

The fans were very excited as they held their glow sticks in their hands and I was very happy.

On my last day for my live performance, all staff of Anime Expo 2007 worked very hard and did a good job to make my live performance successful.

From the first day, there were was a bit of trouble and I wrote them on my personal blog on my website, but the staff of Anime Expo 2007 understood my feelings, my thoughts and me.

Now I appreciate that I could do a wonderful live performance with their great cooperation.

I feel that Anime Expo is a very important place where American fans, Japanese fans and anime producers can hold hands and be closer with one another.

I hope that American fans, Japanese fans and all of us could be closer and have a friendly relationship with each other.

I am very happy that many people from other countries came to my live performance this time. I would like to have an exciting live performance for you again!

Thank you!


Momoi Halko "

Via J!-ENT News

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