Thursday, June 28, 2007

Top 1 video on Japanese Youtube Explained, スーパーニュース「当て逃げ動画」

This video became the top 1 in youtube Japan and also in all Youtube videos, but why is causing so much fuss? how to understand what is happening for us who don't understand Japanese?, well as you can see in the video a driver had a videocamera in his car, then another car crashed on him, and then he run to avoid the payment of the damage, in the video you can see the car plate number, so the guy went to the police station with the video and they did not do anything, so the video guy uploaded the video in youtube and it posted in his blog, and then people wrote in his blog and gave to him the address number and the name owner of the car, so he was able to make to pay him the damage of the car, and people is very angry because the police was very lazy in this case.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

David Laser Scanner, can scan real objects with a laser pointer and webcam

I was able to make a full 3d object using the software DAVID Laser scanner, a cheap webcam, and a laser leveler, laser scanner software is FREE, as I show in the video first you have to scan each side of the figurine so in total I had to scan 6 faces, 1 from up, 1 from down, back, right, front and left sides, then I used a program called Geomagic to join the 6 sides

Step by Step How to scan video

Tigger Plushie scanned

Anime Figure from Onegai Teacher Scanned

Thunberdirds (parody of Thunderbirds in japan)

Real Live action Thunderbirds from Japan, I remember when I was a kid(like 3 years old) watching them on Saturday mornings and I was told that my father used to watch them when he was kid too, the tv show is called "tunnels no minasan no okagedesu" (08.March. 1988) Performed by Takaaki Ishibashi / Noritake Kinashi / Akira Shimizu

Live Action Parody

Parody, Noodle Rocket

Original Thunderbirds Opening filmed in the super ultra High tech "Videocolor"

Bebop Thunderbirds Are Go

Via Japan Probe

Japanese Maglev, 500km/h or 310 Miles per hour

So you want to get fast to your destination? try maglev at 310 Miles per Hour, you can get as fast as a plane and even Formula 1 cars are slow, the sound you hear in this video is not the sound of the wheels, is the sound of the air, the actual record for the fastest Maglev train was in 2003 in Japan the train model MLX01 at 581km/h that's 361 miles per hour

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Treadmill of Death Sprint Game On Japanese Tv "a la" Hana Yori Dango

"The object of the game is to try to get the cookie and eat it from the 4 stations that are located next to this huge treadmill. In order to get to the stations you must run on this floor length treadmill after you get the cookie from the station the treadmill’s speed is increased. Can they keep up with it?"
The contest is named "Running Cookie". The weird thing is that the set and the school uniforms are the same as the Dorama Hana Yori Dango, and the names of the Team is named F2 but the Dorama one was named F4

Via tv in japan

Monday, June 25, 2007

Buy Cubic Watermelons, The season is Now!

So you have 100 bucks and you don't know in what to spend? then get your exotic Cubic Watermelon, for just 100 Dollars you can buy one and you can left it in any table with no worries because it wont fall, this one of the reasons of why Japan haves the urban legend about fruit is very expensive.

Via Japan Probe

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Japanese kind of Piano with 312 KEYS, The Chromatone 312

OMG 312 keys all white, this keyboard is supposed to be more easy to use than normal ones, The keyboard layout was patented in 1882 by Hungarian mathematician/musician Paul Von Janko, so want to see how it plays? here are some videos, and in fact you can play and learn faster with this arrangement, this is the official web page if you
want to buy one, Imagine how cool you will look with this keyboard for your band!

chroma official site

Cameron Diaz in Japan to promote new Shrek Movie

Cameron Diaz went to Japan to Promote the new Shrek Movie! in the video which you can see below, they made to her Shrek like Sushi made of avocado/aguacate, and then the host declares his love for her, you don't need to know Japanese cause she speaks all the time in English.

Cameron Diaz in Japan

Second Drawing made of HTML for Japan No Blogu

Here is another Pic made of HTML and also you can get the code from this link:

Click to See the HTML pic or use "Save as" to download the code

Be careful because is html code in a .txt archive and is 420 kb in size when you open big text archives in note pad if your computer is slow it will take some time, if you want to see the code directly just click the link and then go to View Source Code

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Drawing made of HTML

Using HTML tables and background color this guy did a great Drawing, if you know HTML you can see how amazing is this drawing

Friday, June 22, 2007

Japanese Beer Robot

Bar mans from the entire the world are scary, they cant sleep because this robot will get their jobs soon, they can serve you cold and fresh beer, and they work all the 365 days, 24 hours, trow your Aibo crap dog to the garbage, beer can make you more happy than all the fake "love" from Aibo.

Domo Arigatou, Beer Roboto! どもありがとう、ビールロボト。

Beer Robot Commercial

Asahi Robocco: Beer-pouring robot

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Death Note is very popular right now, the story of the manga was mad by Tsugumi OOBA, and the Art was from Takeshi OBATA, there is also a Movie and of course the Anime show

Debu note parody

Death Note Opening Anime TV

Death note Opening PV

Second Opening

Ending PV

Second Ending Anime TV

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

あずまんが大王 Azumanga Daioh ~ ☆The Wizard of Ozaka☆

The Anime-Expo AMV contest sometimes gets even more attention and people than the Cosplay Event or any Main event, it seems that this is the equivalent for america to fans who make doujinshis, right now Japanese Fans are doing AMVs, that means that sometimes American Otakus export some culture to Japan Fans, The Fancy curtain is an inside joke made at the AX 2004 AMV, each time a video was showed they put a stupid animation of a fancy curtain, imagine 30 or more videos showing all the time the stupid fancy curtain.

Best in Show - AX 2005
Best Comedy - AX 2005
Fan Favorite - AX 2005
Best Humorous/Satirical - Otakon 2005

Castlevania Lament of Innocence Japan Advertisement

The New DS Castlevania Video Game

commercial 01

commercial 02

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Aerosoarer from Takara Tomy’s now can fly with no human pilot

The Aerosoarer now haves an automatic version which can fly alone with no human aid,it uses 3 AA batteries, and can fly for 30 seconds then you have to recharge it for 30 seconds, this new autoflight model is cheaper just ¥1575 yens, and it needs just 10 seconds to recharge.

Human Controlled Aerosoarer

Autoflight Aerosoarer 1

Autoflight Aerosoarer 2

Friday, June 15, 2007

Funny pets

Most Japanese can't have pets because they don't have space to keep it, big dogs are very rare, so most Japanese only haves Cats, small dogs, or hamsters.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hayate no Gotoku! ハヤテのごとく!

Hayate no Gotoku From the same creators of Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima, this show is one of the best from this season, with Rie Kugimiya as Nagi(the same voice of Shana and Louise).

OMG Nagi is Hot!

Hayate No Gotoku! Promo

Hayate no Gotoku - Promo 2 - OP

KOTOKO - Hayate no Gotoku! OP

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Real Ninja 忍者 Shinobi

Ninjas are not myths or fantasy they really exists even in this times, in the past they where used to do espionage, assassination, and infiltration, because Bushido, the Samurai Code, forbade such tactics as dishonorable they where always used by shoguns secretly, but they where very important in the history of Japan, the region with more ninja organizations was Iga and Koga, one of the most famous ninja was Hattori Hanzo,

Iga Ninjutsu Demonstration


Tv Show named Ninja Warrior, This guy passed all tests

Kodomo no nomimono - Japanese beer for kids

From the site Killian-Nakamura, we just saw this product that is interesting, of course I can see the face of Christian Gaijins screaming in fear, but in fact it could help fathers to avoid their kids to drink real alcoholic drinks, kids always want to imitate their fathers and they want to say Kampai with all the family and this is a good way, also when they taste the real beer they wont like it if is compared with the kodomo beer.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Japanese Human Catapult

Japanese Human Catapult

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Evangelion Movie Trailer Live Action

Everyone is waiting for the movie the release date slated for 2007, Weta Workshop
is making the computer graphics and special FXs, they say the budget will be $120 millions or
even more, Gainax and ADV films are the ones producing it, if you are still reading this this movie trailer is a fan-made video.

Evangelion Movie Trailer Live Action

Coca Cola Commercials Japan vs Usa

Seriously Coca Cola Commercials from Japan are far superior than American ones, of course now we have the GTA but the first ones that started to use video games to make coke commercials where the Japanese

Samurai Commercial Uploaded by


Gayest Commercial

Final Fantasy Commercial


Stoned Happy factory

Chinese Commercial WOW

Super Vending Machine Man! Defender of the Universe!

Part 2

part 3

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fast Food is a real problem in Japan

We all know that Japanese people lives a lot, and that they look young at very high age, one of the reasons is because the food they eat is very healthy, Fish, Rice, Green Tea, Udon, etc and almost all is boiled, but now teens are starting to prefer Occidental Fast Food, we all know how bad is that food, we love it but is evil for your heart, why this happens? well I bet is just because for Japanese teens occidental food is exotic, as for us Japanese food is exotic too

Burgers and Prices from Lotto, Mc Donals, and Burger King

Japanese Fast food is very healthy compared to gaijin one

Ronald Mc Donals from Japan is Superior!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Claymore クレイモア

Based from the Manga created by Norihiro Yagi, in a World where Evil Demon like called Youmas exists, the only ones who cant defeat them is a mysterious agency, with warriors called Claymore, silver eyed women who are half Youma, half Human



PV Nightmare - Raison D'etre レゾンデートル (Full Claymore OP)

PV Kosaka Riyu - CLAYMORE ED - Danzai no Hana -Guilty Sky-

Higurashi season 2 ひぐらしのなく頃に解 - Promotion video

it will be broad casted in KBS July 6



Ufo Catchers are also very popular in Japan and you can find a lot of weird things to catch, don't confuse an ufo catcher with vending machines, this one in the photo is a lobster catcher, so you are just 2 bucks far from a great dinner, the problem here is that they are alive so in the moment they feel the claw they will run away, and don't try to get the dead ones :D

Living GoldFish catcher

guess WTF catcher is

seems like a nintendo controller, I bet it haves nintendo games to play directly on tv

Special Edition Figures


Ice cream catcher machine?

A Wii Ufo catcher

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Japanese Traditions Green Tea 日本の形−茶

Genetically, oriental people get drunk faster than us gaijins, why is that?
well in the past we, gaijins invented wine and beer, wine and beer can be stored in barrels for long time, and kills most microbes, sea expeditions wouldn't be able to exists, in Japan instead rum or beer, they used some leafs from plants and boiled the water so the water was "cleaned" from microbes, and then we gaijins become genetically stronger to deal with alcohol than Japanese, yeah they have sake an alcoholic drink but they drink it in small cups and they don't dilute it, sake haves 13% a 16% of alcoholic contents is not much if you compare it with tequila or rum for example which can be from 40% to 55%, OK lets back to the topic Green Tea is what Japanese drinks more, and they refer it as Ocha お茶, and they even have a very complex ritual to make Ocha, of course modern Japanese don't do all that ritual every time they want to drink green tea, they just use an electric coffee maker, they just boil water in the stove or more easy, you can get it from vending machines, also I guess they drink cold green tea when its summer and hot green tea when is winter, correct me if I am wrong.

This video haves some humor, so dont believe all

if you want to know a more documented video

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya / 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱

This show was aired a year ago, the success was very big in Japan, Haruhi haves the biggest collection of Fanmade videos, freaks dancing in the streets and even a massive dacing in akihabara, the songs even went in the top list of Oricon, And Hirano Aya the girl who sings the opening and ending and also she is Haruhi´s voice is now very famous

Suzumiya Haruhi opening (creditless)

Suzumiya Haruhi ED Special Version

Fan made Skittles

Weeaboo doing the Dance

biggest dance group in Akihabara stopped by police

more freaks

not for kids

suzumiya haruhi no yuuutu vipper Edit

Evangelion version
新世紀エヴァンゲリオンOP-涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱Ver -(修正Ver)

Megaman/Rockman version

Gundam stop motion

How to fail at haruhi dance

God knows

Japanese vending machines

Vending machines are everywhere in japan, you can even go to a place where no one is near at 20 km and you will find one, you can get stuff like used underwear, porn videos, anime figures, ice cream, pizza, hot drinks like coffe, and alcohol drinks! and right now Apex (株式会社アペックス), is planning to give free drinks if you watch their ads



Shit vending machine

Gashapon vending machines

A vending machine that speaks kansai accent

booze machine

This one have videocameras inside to show you live how your coffe is made

Seven Eleven vending machine?

jelly juice vending machine

fast food vending machine

Ramen! Naruto would be happy!

this looks like some machine from the future

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Never go to a public Bathroom if is in the street

this could happends to you

Dont be a baka gaijin, this video shows to you how to use a Ultra High Tech Toiled

Check how stupid you look when you act like a Baka Gaijin

Kids can learn how to poo watching anime


This video is not real, it was made for fun

Otakus - english subtitles

2 years ago, I did some Special FXs I was one of the firsts to do homemade Live Action Anime FXs in youtube you can check them in My videos Link, and I will post them soon here, now 2 years later I see this guys who did something very very complex with story and lots of FXs that I would need like a month or more to do it, I really hate how youtube almost all the time feature crappy videos, when good ones are lost in their archives

Short film "Otakus" by Andrés Borghi (Kamikaze productions, argentina). This version has english subtitles. Thanks to Walt, Titiln, Plankton, Pots and Lord of the flies for the translation

Japanese Human Art

Japanese Human Art

There are lots of videos like this one, hope you like them


Karate master

Basket ball

The Powered Suit."DUALIS"

The Powered Suit."DUALIS" is the new Nissan Car, but also is a Mecha, they remind me Code Geass because they can skate

Be careful if you are in Japan, dont see those robots directly to the eyes, just ignore them


This video is very old, but I found it fun

some ppl even lost self balance

Now apart from my own videos I gonna talk about Japan and Anime

I had noticed that there are much video info about Japan and funny stuff that nobody knows, my blog will be about cool stuff that will amuse you, I gonna start with the anime section adding this Lucky star Opening, the first is the original one, the next ones will be fan made versions some of them very bizarre but I bet you will LOL at them

Original Lucky star OP

This one was made to help other frea... I mean Fans to do the dance

now we start with the weird things

crazy otakus

be careful you can get blind

cowboy bebop

8 bit version

mental control video

ろく★めが もってけ!エネルギー缶

Megaman version

Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Busou Shinki ver.)

ばか☆すた Ver3 濃い

a cool fanmade op Tohou version

ひぐ☆La鬼 ver2.0