Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Now apart from my own videos I gonna talk about Japan and Anime

I had noticed that there are much video info about Japan and funny stuff that nobody knows, my blog will be about cool stuff that will amuse you, I gonna start with the anime section adding this Lucky star Opening, the first is the original one, the next ones will be fan made versions some of them very bizarre but I bet you will LOL at them

Original Lucky star OP

This one was made to help other frea... I mean Fans to do the dance

now we start with the weird things

crazy otakus

be careful you can get blind

cowboy bebop

8 bit version

mental control video

ろく★めが もってけ!エネルギー缶

Megaman version

Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Busou Shinki ver.)

ばか☆すた Ver3 濃い

a cool fanmade op Tohou version

ひぐ☆La鬼 ver2.0


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