Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Masi Oka in Japan The Guy from Heroes

Masi Oka lives in Usa, not in Japan so is very funny to see him traveling to Japan(with no teleporting powers), seems that he speaks perfect Japanese, the interview is in Japanese, but soon we will bring the subtitled version


Masi Oka Interview

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Anonymous said...

That's really cute! He seems like a very nice guy. I had no idea he was a Whiz Kid... it makes sense. He's done a lot with special effects. What I got out of it is that he's 32, he's lived in the states for 26 years, he thought the original lines for Hiro were difficult and wanted to change them a bit so he's been doing his own translations since then. Even though he's been in the states for ages he can still speak great Japanese, I'm impressed.