Sunday, October 07, 2007

Prehistoric Shark Found Again in Japan

A New live prehistoric shark was found in Japan, it was found by a fishermen in tokyo waters


Anonymous said...

I am from Japan, Tokyo and no such thing was found. I am sorry to say that this is wrong and this shark was probably found in somewhere else. Next time you post something on google or anywhere please do not use false info since a lot people from around the world use google and they will be learning untrue things. Thanks, Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Dudes, this anonymous dudde or dudettte is right i think...but ill rather believe a dude or dudette from japan then a person that idk and u know. time post real stuff dudes!

Anonymous said...

It is Richard McGobbins here. I agree very much with these gentlemen posting comments. I only want real information. Due to this date I, Richard McGobbins might be able to sue you gentlemen and ladies for putting false information.

Thank You, Richard McGobbins

Anonymous said...

Why did you kill a nice prehistoric shark? by keeping it alive u coud have been able to figure out lots of things from the past!

Me, aka a scientist