Friday, September 14, 2007

Haruhi Song Hare hare yukai full spanish

This guy name himself as "cuervo cosplay", the guy is from Monterrey Mexico, I can tell for sure that what he says in spanish has nothing to do with the original song, and is better for your mental health not to know the spanish meaning.


Anonymous said...

Actually, and I've only got 4 years of Spanish classes under my belt, and minimal practical experience - As best as I can tell, it doesn't deviate too much from what it is.

Do bear in mind that it's based on the Kyon version, here

Rather than the regular version that you see at the end of the show.

Unknown said...

well i know the guy singing, i am too from monterrey mexico and i must said the word on spanish is very similar to the original translation of hare hare yukai, so he make a good work

Greets from mexico