Thursday, June 28, 2007

Top 1 video on Japanese Youtube Explained, スーパーニュース「当て逃げ動画」

This video became the top 1 in youtube Japan and also in all Youtube videos, but why is causing so much fuss? how to understand what is happening for us who don't understand Japanese?, well as you can see in the video a driver had a videocamera in his car, then another car crashed on him, and then he run to avoid the payment of the damage, in the video you can see the car plate number, so the guy went to the police station with the video and they did not do anything, so the video guy uploaded the video in youtube and it posted in his blog, and then people wrote in his blog and gave to him the address number and the name owner of the car, so he was able to make to pay him the damage of the car, and people is very angry because the police was very lazy in this case.

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