Friday, December 05, 2008

Kannagi Manga Stop Publication, Otakus fault?

In the words of
In a shocking an unexpected development, crazy shrine maiden manga Kannagei has ceased publication indefinitely. Fingers have instantly been pointed at the recent extreme actions of otaku “fans”.

The announcement, carried in the latest issue of ComicREX (where Kannagi is serialised), states that the health of mangaka 武梨えり/ Eri Takenashi is unsound, and so publication is to be suspended with immediate effect.

The magazine begs the forbearance of fans in awaiting further developments, but gives no timeframe for a resumption of publication, and gives no further information on what prompted the suspension.

Could it be that Otakus have the power to control editorials or mangakas?, you can blame the fans but I can bet that the pressure and stress that the editorials gives to mangakas are the real reason of the illness of course pressure that came from the last Otaku rage about the second hand waifu incident

Via Sankaku Complex


Snark said...

It is stupidity like that shown by these otakus that so firmly entranches my hatred of my fellow men.

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